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This is a unique opportunity for our members and visitors to participate in and to observe the actual thought process of forward thinking health professionals & enthusiasts in action. Of course, these articles aren't necessarily ready for widespread publication, but it is my hope that they will stimulate new thought and open dialogue among forward thinking health professionals and enthusiasts. This is also a unique opportunity for "networking" and "free publicity" for hard working and caring health professionals and enthusiasts. I have written a few "rough" articles to get this going, and I welcome your positive comments on how I can improve these articles. I also look forward to reading your submissions, please don't be shy, submit your idea today. See below for more information.  


*NFTA Submission Review Area
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If you have an interesting Natural Health & Fitness related article that you would like to have placed in this area for possible review by NFTA members and our numerous web site visitors, please contact us with a brief description of your topic. Please note that we do not accept unsolicited submissions. We do not pay for submissions; however, if we publish your article, you will receive: Free publicity (in the form of publication on this site), an included FREE link to your site, a possible mention or review in our member newsletter, an invaluable public review of your idea, and the personal reward of knowing that you have helped to advance Natural Health & Fitness. Please click on the following link to read our complete disclaimer and terms of service.

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