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We have done our best to ensure that our site answers most common questions and clearly explains the benefits of NFTA membership. If you have any questions, please, before you contact us, check the membership type's page, or the frequently asked questions page.

*Click here to contact us with a question or to suggest additional information or services that you'd like to be made available on our site. Note: If you have not received a password from us, it is likely that our reply was caught by your SPAM filter OR you gave us the wrong email address.

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Live Operator: (706) 623-3671. Weekdays, 11AM-4PM, EST.

Mailing Address: The NFTA, P.O. Box 49874, Athens, GA 30606-9998.

Important Notes: We do not respond to unsolicited sales and advertising related calls, or calls seeking our members' personal information.

Privacy Policy: We do not sell, or rent, our member's personal information. We do not give out our members personal information, unless given specific member authorization for inclusion in our online database. Those wishing to locate and hire an NFTA certified trainer are welcome to contact us. Please provide your name, your location, and a way to contact you and we will forward that information to NFTA trainers in your area. We do not use propriety software to collect email addresses. We do not spam. Additionally, due to threats and harassment that we occasionally receive from angry drug users and their supporters; we must include the following policy. By submitting or communicating anything to us via email, U.S. mail services, fax, telephone, or other means - you are giving permission to the Natural Fitness Trainers Association to use the information for promotional, business, or informational purposes. To be used as we deem appropriate. Submissions or other communications may be edited due to space considerations and for clarity, form, and content, Your submission or communication may be published, including your identity, email address, any other personal or business information, including an editorial on this website. THINK CAREFULLY ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY BEFORE YOU COMMUNICATE WITH US. We suggest that if you choose to use drugs that it is your personal choice. Please allow the NFTA and our members the same consideration to choose not to use drugs. Please click on the following link for our complete disclaimer, terms, and conditions.