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The NFTA advocates the use of various program changes/modifications depending on your present condition, goals, lifestyle, and experience level. Below is a sample flyer that was used in an NFTA group fitness class. All participants were of a similar condition; possessing similar goals, lifestyles, and experience levels.

How to Achieve Your Best Body!

Combining regular exercise with a healthy & balanced diet is a proven formula that can not fail. This requires planning, discipline, and determination. If you want to be in the best shape possible AND as healthy & fit as possible—you have to make up your mind that you're going to do it. In other words, you have to have an intense desire to accomplish your goals.

Here is a partial checklist of some of the most important steps.

  • Are you consistently weight lifting (intensely) 3 times per week, for about an hour?

  • Are you consistently doing 20-30 min. of high-energy aerobic exercise, 2-3 times per week on the days that you have off from weight lifting?

  • Are you giving 100% at every workout?

  • Are you keeping an exercise log?

  • Are you eating a balanced & healthy diet?  

  • Are you keeping a log of your daily food intake?

  • Are you keeping your daily overall caloric intake at or slightly below the desired level?

If you're not taking ALL of these steps then you will not achieve your Best Body.

Ask yourself the following question. "Are you giving this your best?" If the answer is yes, give yourself a big pat on the back. If the answer is no...".

Other steps that will help:

  • Tell your friends & family that you have joined this group fitness class and that you're going to transform your body within the next 12 weeks.  

  • Ask your spouse or closest friend to keep you honest and to bug you into going to class even when you've had a hard day and you're not in the mood.    

  • Speaking of mood. One bad mood can ruin the atmosphere for everyone. No matter how bad your day, or whatever is going on; please leave your worries at the door and be glad that you're here. (We'll be glad to see you too.)

  • Stick with this program and you'll see that this is one of the best stress relievers (natural or otherwise).  

  •  Make a pact with the other members that if you miss a workout, you'll call each other up and remind each other why this is so important.   

  • Do not eat just before bedtime. The rate at which the body metabolizes food slows down significantly while you're sleeping.  

  •  Take a before picture, and take another picture every 4 weeks. This may not seem important but it really is. The changes you'll see will keep you motivated.    

  • Take your measurements and weight every 2-3 weeks. 

  • Eliminate the high calorie snacks & sweets from your daily diet. Instead, make them a once a week treat. Daily "snacking" adds up to a lot.  Remember "you are what you eat."

It's hard work, but don't give up.
Maintaining your Best Body is much easier than achieving it.


Personal Fitness Trainer Certification/The Natural Fitness Trainers Association!

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Copyright and Disclaimer Information: This flyer is intended only for use under the strict supervision of a qualified Group Fitness Instructor. You are advised to consult with the qualified health professional of your choice before beginning any new exercise program. You may use this Group Fitness Training notice/flyer for your business use, however, you must not change it in any way, other than formatting it to fit your document specifications, and "personalizing" it with your name and general business information. You are free to make copies as long as the copy is verbatim and complete, including this copyright and disclaimer message. You may distribute copies as long as you do not charge any fees other than actual copying costs. We reserve the right to modify this agreement without notice. All Rights Not Expressly Given Here are Reserved. © 2001-2013 by the Natural Fitness Trainers Association. This is not a complete listing of our policies and terms; Use of this website constitutes your acceptance of the complete NFTA Disclaimer & Terms of Service.

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