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*How To End Chronic Ear Infections

*End Chronic Ear Infections/Swimmer's Ear

If you have Chronic Outer/External Ear Infections and you don't know the cause, you may have what is known as swimmer's ear (Otitis Externa). Now please don't stop reading just because you are not a swimmer - for that may not matter. I am going to tell you how you can have "swimmer's ear" even if you are not a "swimmer". And I am going to tell you of the three simplest, easiest, and most affordable ways to prevent "swimmer's ear".

I once lived in a guest house that did not have a shower, which meant I had to take a daily bath instead. I soon developed recurring ear infections (in both ears) which forced me to go to the doctor repeatedly for antibiotics. As things turned out, I ended up being seen by several different doctors. The first doctor told me that he was stumped. The second said that I needed to clean my ears better. (This angered me because I keep my ears very clean, thank you). But the final doctor, he gave me the important clue that I needed. He asked if I swam often, and remarked that this looked like swimmer's ear. Boom! The wheels started turning in my head. I had not swum in 6 months or more, but sure enough, my head was under water every day. (Remember, I didn't have a shower.) Now, finally, a potential solution was at hand, for I was confident that the problem was not "dirty ears", but that I was getting water in my ears (on a daily basis) and this led to irritation and infection. Just like many frequent swimmers get.. And sure enough, it turned out that I was correct, I had "swimmer's ear". Therefore, that last doctor was "technically" correct - although he did not know why. But I did.          ;-)

Prevention Options: Note: I came across these simple preventions out of necessity (which is how I come up with most of my ideas, LOL). ya go...drum roll please......

#1. Wear a cap when in the pool or tub. Note: this will not work in the tub unless you don't plan to wash your hair. = Unacceptable solution.

#2. Wax earplugs to keep the water out. My preference. Note: Some experts recommend against the use of earplugs because they don't always keep all of the water out and they can jam earwax back into the ear canal. I believe these concerns are not a problem when wax (barrier) type earplugs are used properly―as directed on the package label. These earplugs are meant to cover the opening, and not to enter the ear canal. Furthermore, on the occasions when you suspect water may have leaked past the earplugs, simply follow up with #3, as a precaution.

#3. Make your own cheap homemade "swimmer's ear" solution, to be used after swimming, bathing, or showering. Tilt head and apply 3-4 drops and gently pull on earlobe to help the mixture enter the canal. You only need to leave this is in for a few seconds. Note: This stuff works, for my infections stopped and I have never had another ear infection.

Homemade "Swimmer's Ear" Ingredients: A half and half mixture of Isopropyl Alcohol and Distilled White Vinegar.  Other slight variations are also acceptable. Note: If you cannot find 100% Isopropyl Alcohol (to mix with the Vinegar), you can use "Rubbing Alcohol" which is 70% Isopropyl Alcohol and available at most pharmacies and local grocery stores. 50% Isopropyl Alcohol/Rubbing Alcohol is also widely available, but I haven't tried it.

Active Ingredients and their Actions.

Isopropyl Alcohol: Kills germs and evaporates trapped water.

Distilled White Vinegar: Kills germs and fungus.

Homemade "Swimmer's Ear" for Treating Active Infection: This mixture is also a popular folk remedy to treat external ear infection. Variation: Some folk remedies use only the Distilled White Vinegar, as the alcohol can burn in an infected ear. Apply 3-4 drops in affected ear, 3-4 times a day for 3-5 days. Leave this in for 3-5 minutes. If condition worsens, or is accompanied by fever, chills, or discharge, see your health care professional immediately. By the way, I'm telling you about this "folk remedy" due to my desire to arm you with as much information as possible. You should know that, personally, if I had other than a mildly infected ear, I would immediately go to the doctor for stronger and longer lasting "antibiotic ear drops". {Note: I am not against drug use when it is legitimately indicated AND when there is not a safe & effective natural alternative available.}

Cautions, Side Effects, and Additional Information: While this homemade "swimmer's ear" is effective, too frequent use may dry out your ears, causing dry, flaky, and itchy skin. I suggest that you use the wax barrier earplugs most often (unless contraindicated due to allergy or other health reasons) and then use the "swimmer's ear" solution when you are without your earplugs, when an earplug leaks, or for those times when you prefer not to use the plugs. If you have ever punctured your eardrum, had tubes inserted in your ear, or other ear surgery, you must consult with a health professional before using any of these remedies. Additionally, trapped water is not the only cause of External Ear Infection/Otitis Externa. Other causes may include, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and other allergic conditions, etc. Do not use homemade swimmer's ear if allergic to any of the ingredients or if condition worsens or does not improve.

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