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*Warning Signs of Muscle or Joint Injury

*Here's My Secret To Determining If
It Is An "Injury" Or Muscle Soreness...

Muscle soreness is a common side effect of exercise, so how do you tell if it is an injury that requires treatment or simply common exercise induced soreness? Unfortunately, there is often no perfect or exact method of determining this, however, the below warning signs may help.

Possible Warning Signs of Muscle/Joint Injury

1. Swelling.
2. Discoloration/bruising.
3. Sudden intense pain while performing an exercise or other physical activity.
4. Loss of normal range of motion or function.
Slight pain or tenderness lasting ~ 7-10 days or more.
6. Moderate to severe pain.
7. Significant loss of strength in the affected joint or muscle area.

If you experience any of these signs, you may have a serious injury requiring the care of a qualified health professional.

Additional possibilities to consider, (especially) if you are experiencing only slight pain or tenderness.

  • You may have a muscle pull, strain, or joint injury requiring professional treatment; however, it's been my experience that sensitive beginners often over-react to normal exercise induced discomfort. You may have an injury or you may just need to "toughen up".

  • Perhaps you are performing an exercise(s) incorrectly. Get a qualified personal trainer to check your technique.

  • You might not be warming up correctly.

  • You might be working out too frequently, too intensely, or too long (time wise per workout).

  • If the pain only occurs after a specific workout, you may have a particular exercise(s) that your body is uncomfortable with. You may have to modify, remove, or replace that exercise from your program. On the other hand, it's possible that you have a muscle imbalance or weakness. In case of the latter, instead of avoiding those painful exercises - they may be exactly what you need to concentrate on. Additional instructions follow.

How to Isolate the Exercise(s) and their Effects


Take a break for a week and when you return to the gym, perform only one specific exercise from the suspect workout or workouts. Continue and test a new exercise every other day, until you isolate which exercise(s) is causing the problem. Once you have determined which exercise(s) is causing the problem, you then have to decide if you need to take a break from it, to modify or eliminate it, or perhaps, to concentrate on it.

Important Treatment Options:

  • In most cases, the quick application of an ice pack to a fresh or recent injury will limit the damage done by swelling. This can help to prevent long-term complications and will speed healing. Play it smart and safe, if you suspect that you may have an injury, get that ice pack, and use it, right away.

  • Once all the swelling has subsided. Alternating ice and heat compresses can help to give relief and to speed recovery. 

  • Most minor muscle or joint injuries require light exercise and gentle stretching for complete recovery.

  • Massage is another great therapy that also often helps to give relief and to speed recovery.

  • Supplements such as Glucosamine & Chondroitin work great to help heal joint injuries.

Important Notes:

This article is not complete and other warning signs, cautions, indications, contraindications, diagnostic methods, treatments, and preventions for muscle or joint injury may apply. Additionally, if you have an "injury", and you’re prescribed anything that seems extreme, such as a long period of inactivity, a prolonged period of immobilization, splinting, or surgery, etc., then you should try to obtain a second and maybe even a third opinion. Also, be aware that your rehabilitation period may hurt even more than your beginning exercise program. And lastly, if you are injured, I want to say, "Good Luck".


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ARTICLE SPECIFIC DISCLAIMER: If you have any concern or suspicion at all that you may be injured, you are advised to consult immediately, in person, with a qualified health care professional. An in-person diagnosis by a qualified health professional is a superior method of determining if you are experiencing normal exercise induced soreness (which you should work through or "around") or if it is more serious and requires treatment by a qualified health professional. This list is not all-inclusive, as there may be other signs of injury; and the listed signs of injury could also be symptoms of other serious illness or disease. Additionally, there may be other complications or contraindications. Do not take the recommended supplements if you have an allergy to the ingredients and ask your health professional if these supplements may adversely interact with other supplements or medications that you may be taking. This information is not intended as a substitute for the diagnostic & prescriptive skills of an experienced and qualified health professional.

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