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*The Secret to Curing
Athlete's Foot and other Allergic Skin

Here is my personal, never-before-revealed, 

*"Athlete's Foot" and Allergic Skin Rash
*Treatment Plan

If you are suffering with an "incurable" foot or other skin rash, this treatment may work for you.

Gently wash the affected foot (or other skin area) nightly with non-menthol Selsun Blue® medicated dandruff shampoo. Lather up the suds and let them soak into the affected area for 5-10 minutes. At night before retiring, lightly coat the affected area with Selsun Blue®. Your rash should start to clear up within 3-4 days and be gone within one to two weeks, but keep washing with Selsun Blue® daily for another 7-10 days to prevent recurrence. Discontinue use if condition does not improve or if irritation increases.

How I found this cure: Almost 20 years ago, my dermatologist told me that the dry, red, itchy, flaking, cracking, and bleeding rash on my foot was a permanent condition, a permanent flaring condition that would require occasional treatment with topical anti-inflammatory steroids for-the-rest-of-my-life. I didn’t like this prognosis, and I searched for a better solution. I obtained a second, and a third opinion, and I tried numerous mainstream and alternative methods, but I continued to suffer with this condition for about two more years. Then one day, I recalled that a few years back I had a similar (though not nearly as severe) dandruff causing rash on my scalp. At that time, I quickly cured this dandruff/rash problem with over-the-counter Selsun Blue® dandruff shampoo. Upon realizing the my scalp condition and my foot condition were similar, I thought “What-the-heck?”, and I tried using Selsun Blue® on my feet. I sure felt silly washing and lathering my feet in dandruff shampoo, but I was desperate. To my delight, it worked, and I have never looked back. That's right, I was cured. Imagine that. Such a simple and cheap OTC solution and yet no one in either mainstream or alternative medicine had suggested it. Surely, they must be unaware of this cure, unless they prefer having their patients to suffer and to continue coming back to them forever.

*Important Notes: It's been my experience that health professionals often misdiagnose allergic skin rashes (and many other conditions). Thus I was not surprised that during my foot rash "adventure", I received several different diagnosis's. To this day, I don’t know what caused the rash on my feet. In any event, this treatment worked for me, despite being told that I would be plagued with this condition forever. Will this treatment work for you? I don't know, but I recommend that you try your health care professionals advice and treatment first, and then, if that doesn't work - ask your health professional if you can try this. Additionally, it’s been almost 20 years since I had this condition and I can't recall if I used the menthol or the non-menthol version of Selsun Blue®. I suspect it was the non-menthol version, as menthol might burn or further irritate already inflamed skin. The bottom line: if you've tried everything else and nothing has worked for you, why not ask your health professional if you can try this simple treatment?

Personal Request: If this information makes a difference in your life (and it is my sincere hope that it will), please let me know.

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ARTICLE SPECIFIC DISCLAIMER: Use of Selsun Blue® on Blistered, raw, or oozing areas on your scalp or body may increase the chance of absorption through the skin. This article is not complete. You must consult, in person, with a qualified health care professional and obtain their permission before trying my treatment plan. This information is not intended as a substitute for the diagnostic & prescriptive skills of an experienced and qualified health professional.

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Article Submitted by: Frank Sheffield, NFTA President.
Website: http://www.NaturalFitnessTrainers.Com
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