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*Hidden Causes of Muscle & Joint Pain

People often experience "hidden" causes of pain due to changes in their job duties, their equipment, their daily routine, their household furniture, and their clothes, etc. Examples follow.

  • Your bed: Your bed may not be firm enough. Try putting a board in between your top mattress and your box spring. Or, if you have a waterbed and you're reluctant to get rid of it. Try sleeping on the floor for a few nights. You may be pleasantly surprised how these simple changes completely heal your aching hips & back, or your sore shoulders/bursitis.

  • Your shoes: Your feet hurt and so what do you do? You use inserts or you switch to softer and more comfortable shoes. When what you really may have needed was firmer shoes. When I switched to firmer shoes (and firmer sneakers), they were uncomfortable, and for a few days, they made my feet hurt even more. However, eventually, I became used to them; and to my delight, my "injured" left foot stopped hurting. By the way, it never hurt again. I sure am glad that I didn't let that orthopedic surgeon perform the unnecessary Bunion surgery that he (and two other physician specialists) said I absolutely had to have. That was about 15 years ago and my feet have never felt better. By the way, I developed a Bunion after a Martial Arts training impact injury; A "Bunion" so small that you wouldn't even notice it unless I pointed it out. However, it was a source of constant pain, until I switched to firmer shoes.

  • Your new car: Switching from an automatic to a manual may cause knee pain, especially when the clutch spring is extra strong.

I will add additional "hidden causes" to this list, as time allows, and as I receive suggestions via email; however, the main point I am trying to make here is that, if you're hurting, put on your "Sherlock Holmes" hat and do some serious investigating. Investigate what has changed in your life in the last year or so since you have been having a problem. {That's right your problem could emanate from something you changed a year ago or more.} In closing, changing your activities, your equipment, your furniture, your clothes, or your environment can often be the simple cure for regular or recurring muscle or joint problems. It's certainly the best way.

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