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The *NFTA offers you the most convenient, ethical, and affordable Personal Fitness Trainer Certification. Learn online, in comfort, and at your own pace. Certification testing is available online, whenever you're ready. Becoming a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Natural Strength & Conditioning Trainer, or Success Coach couldn't be more convenient or affordable!

Learn the Secrets of Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Training. Topics Include:Please load this image. You'll be glad you did!

  • Natural Fitness Methods & Strategies.

  • Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced & Elite Programs - with an almost infinite number of Program Variations/Modifications.

  • Muscle Targeting.

  • Calculating Rest & Recuperation Periods.

  • Important Natural Bodybuilding Canons, Tips & Myths.

  • Safety Information.

  • Personal Training Business Tips.

  • Dietary & Supplement Information.

  • Weight Loss & Management Information.

  • Over 100 photos and in-depth descriptions of the recommended exercises. And Much More...

The NFTASetting and raising the standards that the other associations follow.

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